How I can support you

Coaching Services

I’m here to help set you up for success in your career. Based on my own experience, and working together with introverts in the workplace, just like you, I have come to really understand what it is you need in order to be noticed, seen and considered for the career opportunities you desire. At the same time, I want to hold space for some of the more individual challenges and questions you may be facing in your career and want help from someone who understands your personality.

Brand Your Quiet

Brand Your Quiet is the program I want to have every ambitious introvert in the workplace to have access to. It is the most foundational step you can take to set yourself up for success in your career, from gaining killer clarity, to understanding the unique value you bring as an introvert in the workplace all the way to articulating that value in a way that lands with key stakeholders and decision makers. This porgram is part self-learning, part group coaching to allow you to do all the right reflection from the comfort of your home while getting the right guidance and community experience to amplify your findings to make your next big, subtle career move.

Private Coaching

As a Projector in Human Design, a fellow introvert and corporate marketer, I see your full potential before you do, and an here to show you a pathway that is deeply aligned with your personality, energy and ambition. My private coaching offers are bespoke to your specific situation and needs.

Start by finding your introvert secret sauce

Let me give you a taste of what working together can unlock for you and your career.

Hi, I’m Hannah

I’m a Brand Marketer and Career Coach for ambitious introverts.

I combine my expertise in building fast moving consumer brands with my experience in recruiting and developing talent into an introvert-friendly career strategy that will get you noticed for great career opportunities without feeling icky or salesy.

I focus on building killer clarity and a strong Personal Brand that does the work for you and has Hiring Managers reach out to you in no time.