self branding doesn’t have to be loud

You’re in for more than just a 9-5 

You crave career opportunities that play to your strengths and what you do really well. 

You do not shy away from putting in the work. You’re ambitious. With some serious potential.


But here’s the thing:

You feel like your quiet nature is holding you back from being noticed and seen in the workplace

You’re struggling to articulate your unique strengths & the skills you bring to the table

You’re lacking confidence to speak up in meetings and be taken seriously at work

If you nodded your head to any of the above, consider this:

What if the key isn’t changing your quiet nature, but strategically leveraging it?

I went from playing the extrovert to making my introversion my #1 selling point

I knew I was ambitious long before I knew I was introverted. Wanting to go higher, faster, further felt like second nature. Unfortunately, selling myself & promoting my skills did not. 😮‍💨

I fully embraced the career advice I got at the time – made myself visible at company town halls (where I ended up red-faced and embarrassed) 🥵 and played the extrovert at company gatherings & networking events (handing out a business card will forever feel like a violation of my privacy – there, I said it).

In hindsight, I worked hard at being anyone but myself.

Which was fifty shades of foolish.

Silver lining: You get to skip the foolish and go straight to career dream land.

Today, I talk about my calm demeanor like it’s the most attractive thing anyone could ever bring to the corporate table (which, seriously it is). 🔥

It’s how my boss describes my leadership style, it’s what the people I work with remember about me. It’s part of the Personal Brand I have built – and it’s what ultimately got me the job that extrovert-playing-foolish-me always dreamed of. 

Now I want to know what that hot, introvert, can’t-say-no-to thing is you bring to the table. 👀

Take your career to the next level – in a subtle way

Truth be told: Conventional career advice predominantly caters to extrovert personalities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same success, the same outcome, the same impact with a quieter, subtler, introvert-friendly approach.

Here is what this looks like:


Understanding your introvert personality and what makes you different

Finding the direction you want to take in your career

Uncovering your unique strength and selling points that help you stand out

Articulating what you do well with Hiring Managers, Senior Leadership & Recruiters

Conducting career conversations & coffee chats in a natural, non-salesy way

This course takes you from
being overlooked to going places

Module 1: Empower

We’re jumping in at the deep end: Module 1 is geared to help you understand your personality like never before. It goes beyond simply knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type and into uncovering that thing that makes you different, gives you an unpredictable edge, sets you apart from everyone else at work. You leave this Module feeling proud of your introversion like you never have before – promise!

Module 2: Envision

Leave the sentiment “I feel stuck” and “I don’t really know what I want in my career” at the door as you enter Module 2. This Module is here to give you a clear, long term direction based what you truly want – the things you’ll say out loud and especially the ones you don’t quite dare to, yet. You’ll map out a career plan your boss is going to steal from you (yes, happened before) and a career vision board anchored in what you see yourself doing – away from status cars and job titles and pesky stock imagery.

Module 3: Elevate

The writers of Friends would call this “The one where it all comes together”. Module 3 is where you take what you have learned about who you are, where you are headed and what you do best to craft a compelling positioning statement that’s going to do the heavy lifting for you and have Hiring Managers call you back same day of the interview to offer you the job. No kidding.

Module 4: Amplify

I’ll give it to you straight: Module 4 is gonna scare you a little at first. It’s where you take your brilliant on-paper Personal Brand Strategy into the real world and move out of your comfort zone step by step. From showing up to meetings & career conversations to prepping for job interviews – this is where you’ll move out of your comfort zone – step by step – and build your confidence by stepping into the spotlight just enough for people to see just how much they want you on their team.

100% at your own pace and time.
No need to get off the couch – or dressed. 

“Solid foundation for my leadership role”

“I started working with Hannah at the same time as I started my first managerial role. I have +13 years corporate experience, but I have never looked at my career from the perspective that Hannah gave me. We took time to reframe my limiting beliefs, and to gain clarity into my strengths as a professional and a new manager.

The most profound part of the coaching was the clarity I gained into my personal brand! This has helped me realize that many of the introvert traits I always considered as my weakness were actually my strengths and part of my unique differentiator.

Now I know what I want, and what makes me truly strong at corporate. This knowledge has given me so much more confidence, and it’s amazing to show up into conversations and meetings intentionally, guided by my personal brand.

Hannah is so insightful as a coach, and it’s such a pleasure to work with her! Her superpower is truly hearing and understanding what you tell her, and turning that into a concrete plan and approach for you. She kept digging into my story until she understand it, like putting all the puzzle pieces together, and then summarizing it in her amazing wrap-up emails afterwards! 

This truly was a foundational experience for my career, I only wish I had done it much sooner!”

Kaisa Kapanen (43)

Head of Programme Management Office, Financial Services

You’ve come to the right place

You take energy out of spending time alone, yet dare to dream big when it comes to your career and personal growth

You don’t mind being in the spotlight every once in a while – and would love to feel more comfortable speaking up and showing up

You feel ready to make a change and lay a strong foundation to build a career that doesn’t only pay the bills, but plays to your unique strengths

You’d love someone to keep you accountable and nudge you in the right direction, while respecting and understanding your introverted personality